Wood Firing Clay Pottery In-Process

It was a beautiful day in central New York on Saturday, May 28, 2016.

By beautiful, I mean the clouds were puffy white against a sky of deep blues, and although the breeze was slight, the temperatures were in the low 90’s and the sun was beating us down like a..   well, let me just say it was HOT! We’re not exactly used to 90 degree weather here in CNY, especially so early in the season – but like most folks I talked with I wasn’t complaining.


We arrived to the destination of the first wood firing of the year (there will be 2 more sessions this year)! The area seemed most welcoming with a good deal of positive loving energy. And upon quick glance, the care and work associated with building a wood-firing spot were definitely evident.

We proceeded down the path to the hot spot – literally, where high stacks of hard and soft wood  sat patiently waiting for their turn to help realize the dreams and hopes of those who created more than 400 earthly creations.


Sean was the only volunteer present at the time. He welcomed us warmly (excuse the wood-firing pun), sharing the history, his insights, teaching us about the wood-firing process and the furnace. We are definitely appreciative of his wealth of knowledge and generosity!


Sean shared how the surfaces of the pottery pieces could be affected by their placement and direction facing the fire.



The addition of soda ash circulates in the furnace to help produce a glazed effect on as many surface locations as possible.

We stayed only a short time but learned a lot!

I am truly in awe and in appreciation for all the people that worked together to make the wood firing a reality.

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First Wood Firing

I spent several months prepping for my first official wood-firing of pottery pieces that includes mugs, vases and a pitcher.
The reason why it took me several months to create 20 pieces was that the time I allotted myself was divided among the class project for serving items and the home project of building a chicken tractor! Imagine that, me – a city girl – building a mobile chicken coop.
In all instances I am so grateful for the support of my family through this period in my life, and through the years. Heart-based creations and experiences all around.

The picture is a sample of the wood-fired pottery pieces, some with a hint of a glaze called “Pig Iron”. It’s a mystery how the pieces will turn out – and that’s part of the fun!

Pig Iron Glaze on three pottery mugs ready to be wood-fired.

Heart-based Pottery Creations

I realize more and more how powerful our thoughts and intents are, each one of us has that power capacity. Creating pottery pieces – or anything for that matter – with a loving intent or while in a heart-based focus definitely enriches the final product in a very positive and sometimes unexpected fashion.

Recently I was creating some mugs for an upcoming wood-firing. I was totally in the heart-based mindfulness and was thoroughly enjoying the whole process – from holding a round ball of clay ready to place on the potter’s wheel all the way through the final touches of the mug’s surface. As I finished the fourth mug I noted that the creations were more than my expectations. I actually felt sprigs of joy that such a thing of beauty was created – more than my expectations.  At that point of course I rejoiced and shared the praise of the heart-based focus and all that is associated with that – because in that moment I was witness again to the amazing powers of loving creation. Wow.


I encourage you to take a moment’s thought, a moment’s intent and even simply think the word, “Love”. Maybe you’ll notice a lighter energy in that moment.   Why not – it’s free.  And the result(s) tend to be enriching..  and priceless.