Heart-based Pottery Creations

I realize more and more how powerful our thoughts and intents are, each one of us has that power capacity. Creating pottery pieces – or anything for that matter – with a loving intent or while in a heart-based focus definitely enriches the final product in a very positive and sometimes unexpected fashion.

Recently I was creating some mugs for an upcoming wood-firing. I was totally in the heart-based mindfulness and was thoroughly enjoying the whole process – from holding a round ball of clay ready to place on the potter’s wheel all the way through the final touches of the mug’s surface. As I finished the fourth mug I noted that the creations were more than my expectations. I actually felt sprigs of joy that such a thing of beauty was created – more than my expectations.  At that point of course I rejoiced and shared the praise of the heart-based focus and all that is associated with that – because in that moment I was witness again to the amazing powers of loving creation. Wow.


I encourage you to take a moment’s thought, a moment’s intent and even simply think the word, “Love”. Maybe you’ll notice a lighter energy in that moment.   Why not – it’s free.  And the result(s) tend to be enriching..  and priceless.


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