Love Grows And Flows

If I had a Gratitude Journal, today’s entry would be thankfullness for the constructive and courteous feedback received from those who have a piece of my work.  

The value of my time, love, and care I’ve put into pieces is expanded when I receive constructive feedback. The quality of all parts of the process is increased just as the cycle of love grows and flows amongst all parties. 

The handles have ample room for fingers.

Wadding, Kitty Litter & More

Another step I learned this year regarding doing a wood fire kiln is wadding. img_60221

Little peces of wadding are placed on the bottom of each pottery piece to allow the piece to stand slightly above the shelves.


The small space below each piece, created by the pieces of wadding, helps the flow of the fire, ash and air to circulate better in the kiln.



Photo courtesy of Beth Genung

Each wadding piece is made of clay and kitty litter!   Meow.



We Periscope’d portions of the wood firing. Follow PottersofPeriscope to catch live action (, but use the iOs or Android App if you can (less complicated).

Post Wood Firing Kiln

The fall wood-firing, led by Tim See and Shawn McQuire, came to a smooth ending earlier this month The team of potters met at 9am to unload the kiln and were done by the time I arrived.  Here are some photos of the empty kiln.​

Wonderful Journey

Gratitude and thankfulness permeate the wonderful journey of creating Pottery. From handling the raw clay to receiving feedback from folks who have one of my finished pieces in heir hands, I am truly blessed and humbled.  

Thank you to everyone!