900 Year Old Bowl = $38 Million Dollars

This news about a Sotheby’s auction item has allowed me to view my pottery in a new light!  Previously I only resonated with the idea of ancient civilizations producing pottery out of necessity to carry their food, drink, possessions, etc. I still resonate strongly with that; however, with this new information of a 900 year old bowl…. my mind has been expanded!    Jinkies!    900 Year Old Bowl = $38 Million Dollars


So think about it.. 900 years ago – that’s a L-O-N-G time ago.  A skilled potter, perhaps on a sunny day, sat in front of a mound of clay that was gathered nearby, and was cleaned and maybe processed by his own hands.  While a whole story can be built around that simple snapshot, we journey further down the timeline to when the potter decided to place THAT glaze on the piece and then placed it in the kiln, which resulted in the cracked glazing effect.  According to the CNN article the piece comes from the ‘once-famous kilns of Ruzhou” during China’s Song Dynasty, which is very cool read unto itself.  Furthermore, according to the article, and this is so cool, ‘the style of the bowl is known as Ru guanyao or Ru “ice crackle”… and is known for the cracked glaze’s ability to reflect light.’  So thank you ancient potters.  Thank you history of mankind.  Thank you for enriching and deepening my awareness and appreciation for creation.

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