Nebula Glaze? Whaaaaaat?

The folks at Clayscapes Pottery are always creating, exploring, and doing new things – including letting us try new glazes.

Nebula Glaze.  Wow!


Here are a few pieces I create most recently:

  • Glazed with a Starry Night base, dipped 1/2 from neck to base with Nebula, topped with a small rim of Cream. The clay body is 66.

  • Glazed with a Starry Night base, 1/4 dipped from neck to middle with Nebula and topped with a angle or rim of Cream.  The clay body is 66.


I’ll definitely be exploring more with this Nebula Glaze!

Thank you Clayscapes Pottery!

Wood-firing Prepper

Soon I will be joining forces with my wood-firing citizens to mass produce some of today’s most creative and heart-felt pieces in the area! Last month I finally came out of hibernation (Native American Bear Clan reference LOL) and started working to prepare for the wood-firing. I also had pieces that didn’t make it into the last wood-firing that will be included in the lot, like the “Man Offering” figure below (on the left).



Additional Love: There was also a story shared with me from a fellow potter that her family & her were excited to incorporate wood from a downed Maple tree. Her pieces were being prepared with this heart-felt natural bond. Perhaps I can share a photo or two of her tree and/or the pieces she created.

Image result for old maple tree clipart

These pieces are getting ready to be bisqued. Later I’ll glaze the interior with a food-safe glaze, and perhaps embellish a few with some distinctive character.


This wood-firing experience is going to be epic!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.