Wolf Gift

I love receiving feedback from friends, family and coworkers. This mug was inspired by a story shared about a coworker’s family member who loves wolves.

Here is another inspired wolf mug:

Grateful for the inspiration

Glaze Business

Busy. Potters gathering n’grooving in a large studio, humming and working on myriad pottery projects – from mugs for upcoming shows to sculptures to pieces for WOOD FIRE! Yes! That’d be me and several others. My wife also sat three hours patiently while I did my Glaze Business.

Considering there were some hopeful woodfire pottery yet to be bisqued there was plenty of woodfire conversation including how to help the pre-bisque drying process. Thanks to master potter Millie Schmidt there is a tiny better chance that those late comers may just make it to the WF kiln.

Here are photos of the 3 Glaze lots, ready for the kiln! 1) Arkham Black, 2) Gold Shino, and something new: 3) Shifty Shinto!


Excitement continues as I work to renew the Cosmic Series. The first set of items were sent to the kiln to be bisqued (left photo) and came out ready to glaze (right photo).

Last night during class I went to start glazing – first coat of Starry Night (left photo), then a 1/4-1/2 dip in Coastal Blue (middle photo) and then a tiny dip in Cream (right photo).

What I realized is, after dipping 8 mugs into the Starry Night and then working to remove the glazing from the bottom and bottom rims, that I was moving too slowly! I finished 2 mugs in way more time than anticipated, and I had 14 more to do before class was over!

A fellow potter – and I.T. CEO by day – provided me the solution that prevented more gray hair from spontaneously bursting on the scene… she suggested that I WAX the bottoms so I didn’t have to spend a lot of time wiping the glaze from those areas!  OF COURSE! She’s a genius and I am so glad she reminded me of that option.   So instead of trying to glaze 16 pieces in a couple hours I happily finished up the 8 that I had started…


I then waxed the remaining 8 waxed pieces (left photo) and placed those on my then empty shelf (right photo).. it’s my new shelf as I had just re-upped at Clayscapes Pottery.

Excitement builds as I look forward to going to studio again to:

  1. see if the newest additions to my Cosmic Series came out of the kiln OK;
  2. glaze the remaining 8 pieces that have wax bottoms; and
  3. see if my lot for the upcoming WOOD FIRE were able to be bisqued! The next wood-firing is in 2 weeks (countdown begins!).  Here is a picture of those pieces that couldn’t fit on the ready-to-be-bisqued shelves because there wasn’t any room on the shelves (and thanks to Master Potter & Instructor at Clayscapes, Millie Schmidt, she suggested I section a corner of the adjacent table and label as bisque pieces – thanks Millie!) I hope those that load the kiln will notice these hopeful pieces LOL

See the square?

Here is a sample of the finished result: