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a removable or hinged cover for closing the opening, usually at the top, of a pot, jar, trunk, etc.; a movable cover.


Cups, mugs, jar, teapots, vases, boxes – oh my! Put a lid on it LOL


My master teacher Millie St. John directed us to focus on lids this semester at Clayscapes Pottery. There are myriad types of lids to play with, to create, to use – all based on one’s intent.  I’ll show pics of lids I made, and hopefully lids other students made this year. In the mean time here is a series of photos of Millie making a lid.

1.  In addition to enjoying learning about and making different types of lids I also thought I’d create pieces for the upcoming wood-firing.  One rule I forgot was that for wood-fired pieces, the lid should extend beyond the lip.  Perhaps like these (photos courtesy of The Spruce):

When it was time for wood-firing I acknowledged the error of my ways several times… a lesson learned.


2. The other thing I was interested in trying was combining my finished pieces with a crystal or stone. Here are the wood-fired finished pieces that were fashioned with a crystal or stone fully with mindfulness and sage.

hand-crafted pottery with crystals and stones

Mindfulness & Heart Intent -OneidaShark Pottery

Wood Fired Fun

This year’s wood firing fun has concluded! What a ride it’s been.  I plan to docu package everything.  In the meantime here are some snapshots of today’s unloading of the Kiln. 

Glaze is like Trousers

Claybuddies is a Facebook group that is very important for learning new things, and for getting constructive feedback on pieces.

Recently a photo was posted that asked why a glaze had begun “cracking off”.  In a few brief comments I learned to look at glaze in a new light… “Glaze is like trousers.”  Imagine that! LOL   Here is the fuller comment: “…Glaze is like trousers. Too small for the pot and it splits (crazing) too big and it falls off (shivering).


I am grateful for the opportunities to learn more… about anything.


Great info, courtesy of Lakeside Pottery regarding Glaze Shivering and Glaze Crazing:

Glaze Shivering (

Glaze Crazing (