Wolf Gift

I love receiving feedback from friends, family and coworkers. This mug was inspired by a story shared about a coworker’s family member who loves wolves.

Here is another inspired wolf mug:

Grateful for the inspiration

Glaze Business

Busy. Potters gathering n’grooving in a large studio, humming and working on myriad pottery projects – from mugs for upcoming shows to sculptures to pieces for WOOD FIRE! Yes! That’d be me and several others. My wife also sat three hours patiently while I did my Glaze Business.

Considering there were some hopeful woodfire pottery yet to be bisqued there was plenty of woodfire conversation including how to help the pre-bisque drying process. Thanks to master potter Millie Schmidt there is a tiny better chance that those late comers may just make it to the WF kiln.

Here are photos of the 3 Glaze lots, ready for the kiln! 1) Arkham Black, 2) Gold Shino, and something new: 3) Shifty Shinto!