Glazing Techniques Exploration


Left & Middle Cups = Starry Night Base, Coastal Blue dip 1/2 way down, topped with Cream.
Right Cup = Starry Night Base, Cream dip 1/2 down, topped and 1/2 angle dip of Coastal Blue


It was a nice exploration of the glaze effects – albeit with the tiny variables of how long it is heated in the kiln, how high the kiln temperature is, and where it sits in the kiln.

I brought the cup on the right to work to test it out – the drinkability (i.e. how it rests on my lips as I drink my coffee, how balanced does a full cup of coffee sit, how do my fingers feel and lay while holding the cup with the handle, etc). I love the smooth roundness of the cup. But I am seeking a more blue effect, a #CosmicBlue effect that reminds me of space, space gas, exploration, evolution, God’s creation, etc.

Recent inspiration came from a Pintrest whereas the middle of the pottery piece had a distinctive band of glaze that was then accentuated by cosmic glaze on the upper and lower parts.  What a fun exploration of glaze play I thought! I wondered how they did it (more than one potter had examples).

BUT at studio I had to hurry hurry to complete my little goal – oooh dear. Not the technique I was hoping to do BUT I got an atypical technique completed.

Here is the current set using a ‘new’ technique – brushed on Coastal Blue in the mid section, dipped in Starry Night on top and bottom – – and then I nearly forgot about the INSIDES! So my Starry Night kind of went all over on 2 pieces for sure. And the last minute cream shower along the rim and the sides….

RESULTS – Part One

Okay so I ended up placing these 4 pieces on pieces of broken shelving JUST IN CASE the glazes ran – and thankfully I did.  Three of the four ran. I thank my fellow Clayscapes Pottery potter friends with oodles of more experience than I for suggesting the shelving bits!

Results – Part Two

Success can be achieved while #Learning!

-Oneida Shark Pottery

Run Run Run. For this attempt I’d give myself a C- for the results. If I choose to explore the mid-section Coastal Blue glaze I may put it on taller pieces, reduce the # of seconds i hold the Starry Night glaze on the bottom and glaze the interior first. I’d give myself an A+ for effort!

This helps my Wormhole Project

main article image


Here is a quote from the article, “… (the) fuzzy image – seen above – shows what a flat disc of material falling into a black hole might look like if we were close enough to see it. It doesn’t look flat, because the intense gravity of the black hole is bending light around it.

“Indeed the gravitational field curves the light rays near the black hole so much that the rear part of the disk is ‘revealed’,” Luminet explained in a paper published on arXiv last year. (January 27, 2019)


So… This semester I’m taking a ceramics class where the key words included Patriarchy, Parts and Pieces. I was asked to research and provide opinions on sculpture works from a few artists (Paul Soldner, Peter Voulkos and Chris Gustin). Okay, easy peasy.

But then I went to research “Patriarchy” and the first thing I did was google the term.

Image result for patriarchy

An example of a patriarchy society is where men hold the control and make all the rules and women stay home and care for the kids.

After looking at several pages and derivatives of “Patriarchy” I slowly realized that was  needed in ANY system, culture, creation, etc is …. b a l a n c e

Image result for balance

Without balance, some participants of patriarchy (and matriarchy) could overwhelm the systems that God created and then of course folks would need healing from that trauma and drama!

So, moving onward.  Knowing the focus of this class is Patriarchy and with the understanding that each gender has pros and cons, strengths and weakness I wanted to promote the strengths of Patriarchy.  I figure each gender needs support at one time or another.

So now I move on to the Parts and Pieces portion of the class agenda.  The task is to create about 8 clay items (wheel-thrown or hand-built) that are same/similar, using about 1 lb of Raku clay each. At first I was thinking, okay what is a strength the male gender (Patriarchy) thinks is necessary in life – and yes, I zip past those initial surface ideas of anatomy and I went towards the hunkier muscles (“pick things up put things down”).. well because I believe it’s true that the male form is typically adept at providing muscle to survival tasks, as well as of course, carrying heavy trash bags.

Now what can I create that lends the idea of muscle to a system? I wondered if a “bicep muscle” would communicate the strength & support I was looking for.

Bicep Augmentation Image

How would that look like to create in clay…

This is what it could look like (the non-gray areas):

Image result for bicep muscle

And I think I can do that!   Okay Bicep Muscle here I come!

Once I make 8 of these then each member of our class will combine one leather-hard piece from each students bounty to create a sculpture in line with Patriarch, Parts and Pieces – in line kinda with the 3 artists named above.

Stay tuned for progress notes and photos – this is going to be fun!



Here is a bicep!


…actually its on the bottom (the lined piece)


Three Relative Things and a note for myself regarding Lagrange points.  So here we go….

Lagrange points 4 & 5 are stable.

Lagrange Points

And now for the 3 relative things:

This is what Earth looks like from 1 million miles away



And this is what the December 26, 2018 Hippo-shapped Asteroid 2003 SD220 ( – only 1.8 million miles away looks like:

hippo shaped asteroid pia22970 home 1

Three radar images of near-Earth asteroid 2003 SD220, which many have described as hippo shaped NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSSR/NSF/GBO


And this is what is 1.8 million miles away from Earth:


Reduction Firing / Cross Posting

Always learning. Sometimes info flies over my head but can go in my ears striking the bean at a later time.

Here’s a FB post from my Master Potter who is is always learning and thankfully always teaching 🙏🏽


“A reduction firing is normally done in a fuel burning kiln like gas or wood. Reduction firing is to reduce the oxygen in the kiln by decreasing the amount of air allowed in. This can than reduce the oxygen in the glazes and components of the pot like iron oxide becoming iron (over simplified concept warning) basically the environment in the kiln is ready for chemical reactions because of the temperature. When there is fuel starving of oxygen it will hunt it out and take it from sources that make it available. Some glazes like carbon trap shinos rely on a layer of carbon being deposited on a not yet melted sodium layer. As the sodium melts it traps the carbon. Reduction is required for that to happen.

Oxidation firing can be done in gas but is most common in electric kilns and just happens as you fire.”

Thank you Tim!


Family near and far, young and old, immediate and extended, soul groups and agreements, and kindred spirits… we are all ONE sharing and participating in this funny game we call life.

So it’s with great pleasure when one of my pottery creations resonates with someone, with family, at a frequency of the heart, of love.

This mug was fashioned with a Bear paw. It is homage to my Native American Clan so with it comes with loving healing, blessings, guidance, spirit and fun of course.

Thank you family!

Bear Clan Spirit Handmade Pottery Mug