A Story Created & Updated

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More than 3 concepts hit my cerebellum when I saw this graphic, maybe you hit on these as well.. and maybe more (please feel free to share). Here’s the flow of information:

  1. Vivid green bowl.. cute!  And is that a tree branch, in gold inlay? Wow!   And then I read on…
  2. Oh History! of a piece of Japan’s culture, and their use of gold on broken pieces.  That’s cool to know, now I can look with updated eyes upon pottery once ‘broken’.
  3. Ahh! the beauty is enriched with an updated history or story.  Exactly and so well illustrated! Each of my handmade pottery pieces has a story – and sometimes when pieces don’t come out ‘as expected’ or ‘as hoped’.. it IS with updated eyes and updated heart that I see the pieces with their own unique & expanded beauty – and for this I am grateful, I am humbled, and I rejoin this marvelous mystery existence of life, love & creativity again.      When was the last time you reached this awareness?  Remember back… and consider illustrating the lesson learned, the message conveyed, and the spiritual growth you exercised via a graphic.  What image would you use, what words would you add?  Will you post on your social media too?


Celebrate the steps!

I’m considering participating in an upcoming event, the Iroquois Festival at the Iroquois Indian Museum in New York. Being a newbie for selling my pottery I am also a newbie for adorning and embellishing my pottery with native design. My vases have a cultural flair, more so than my mugs. But it’s the experience of the steps, the process, that is really most intriguing for me.

Iroquois Indian Museum

From start to finish, I am thoroughly allowing me to experience the experience.  From the perspective of my heart, through the eyes of love, with the gratitude of creation and my pottery creations, I know I will marvel at the whole experience… I wish to celebrate the steps!


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Living Selling Journeys

Selling my pottery is second or third to the creation of my pieces. There’s a whole other world or two prior to a sale.

When I hold a clump of clay before placing it on a Potter’s Wheel I pause for several moments connecting to Mother Earth, giving gratitude and attuning to Love.

So when I attended my first “show” I relished in the experience, trying to learn and cherish every moment. It was odd at first but I truly enjoyed talking with people. People were going to and fro, on their way to this and that.. and in that process I got the beautiful opportunity to see their lovely faces, wonderful souls, and to marvel at their path. I wish everyone much success on their journey.

So fast forward to now… and because Etsy is celebrating their anniversary I took the chance of doing my first online sale. This time I won’t be able to see the lovely faces but I know every buyer will be given a prayer of love and success for their journey. Thank you #Etsy.

Hues of Red, White, and Blue

Wood fired pieces always blow me away mainly due to the natural effects of flame, heat, and earthly elements. This cup is from the most recent wood-kiln firing.

Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to the brave men and women who died in service of the U.S.A.

For Sake’s Sake


Sake Anyone?

We thought it would be nice to create a Sake set for my youngest stepson. I created 4 sets and offered him his choice of a bottle and 2 sake cups.  I decided to enter one of the Sake sets that he did not chose into my company’s Employee Art & Literary Show… and won 1st Place in the Craft Category! What great fun and exciting experience.


1st Place – Sake Set

Personal Relationship with the Matter World

I heard these words, “Personal Relationship with the Matter World” from a recent YouTube video from Linda Moulton Howe (conversation at 39 mins 14 secs) and it resonated with me right then, right there. I felt a harmonious connection with those words and our recent Wood-firing event – – because creating pottery with a wood-fired kiln process is really, as artist, instructor, and amazing soul Wes Weiss recently said, it’s a “Labor of Love“.



Here are some photos from the 2018 wood-firing May 18-May 20.

Pottery Meditation


Deep breath. 

My master potter instructor at Clayscapes Pottery always reminds us to breathe. In my earlier pottery days those instructions weren’t at the forefront of my mind…  I was focusing on making technical progress. Nowadays I am way more grateful for those reminders, and most importantly, for the love and wisdom shared by my instructor in doing so.

As some people know, my pottery is infused with love, from the first touch of the clay to the moment I gift, sell or welcome a pottery piece to my home. During the many moments in between LOVE is spoken, felt, thought, incorporated, through creation, drying, trimming, finishing, bisquing, glazing, firing, etc – and now I find that I can include more and more of the Deep Breath.

Mindful Breathing, Meditation and and Throwing Clay

For several years I found it hard to attain a meditative state, though not for a lack of trying. In fact I over-tried. I over analyzed and over-thought. I’d usually end up frustrated and disappointed in myself.  Everyone kept saying, “It’s all in the breath,” or “Focus on the breathing.”  So there I was, focusing on the air coming into my lungs, letting it hang out a few seconds, then examining the air being pushed out of my lungs from the alveoli sacks upwards through the tubes, up my thorax to the nasal and head cavity and then either out my nose past my nostrils or out my mouth past my lips which would then shut firmly as I held my breath a few seconds before starting the process again.

Wow – pretty intensive for something that is supposed to relax eh? LOL

And then one day recently someone somewhere said this: “Focus on the cool air coming into the nose, and then focus on the slightly warmer over your upper lip.”

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On the first try with this new focus, I found a meditative state!

Nowadays I explore different counting methods, and the following 3 Steps seem to help me get meditative rather efficiently – what used to be 45 minutes can now be as quick as 5 minutes!

3 Deep Breaths

Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth

(Bonus 1: continue a few more times while doing a prayer for protection; Bonus 2: continue a few more times with a focus on a mantra or with healing, loving words, i.e. “Breathe in Love, Breathe out Stress”.)

4     7     8 

BREATHE in through the nose to a count of 4

HOLD for a count of 7

BREATH out through the mouth to a count of 8

Repeat 7 or so times and then resume normal breathing

(Dr. Andrew Weil wrote up a similar technique using the 4:7:8 ratio.)

Resume Normal Breathing through the Nose

About this time I do focus on

  • Bringing in LOVE with my inhale; and releasing any remaining stress, frustration, worry, anxiety, etc with my exhale
  • I do this a few times before simply ALLOWING myself to BE in the state or matter of love both during my inhales and exhales
  • Now I experience whatever is for my greatest and highest good – this is a meditative state for me.

I am safe, protected, loved, loving, I am love.


So how does that pair with Pottery?  Breathing and loving each creation is a win-win situation, however your style.


I encourage everyone to research and explore different breathing techniques. Find the ones that resonate with you and then share what you’ve learned.


Here’s something neat that I found on betterymindbodysoul.com:

Meditation tips for beginners by