Recipes 101

I’d imagine having ROOM to store bags of dry ingredients is important.

I’m sure having ROOM to store pails of mixed glaze is necessary.

Definitely having good recipes to start the Glaze journey is vital.

Here is a recipe posted by Lies van Huet on fAcE800k:

Lies van Huet (Author)

The recipe for ‘Kopermat’ glaze:

  • Kopercarbonaat 90gram (CuCO3)
  • Alkalifritte 10 gram
  • Glazuurlijm 1 gram (Arabic gum or pehatine e.g. )
  • Good luck!
No photo description available.
Lies van Huet, RAKU POTTERY, June 19, 2021

Mr. Huet stated, “…But, after the (Raku) firing of 980 Celsius, I put them right away in a sawdust barrel and leave it for at least one hour. After that I take them out and wait until the right color appears, and fixate it by a plant sprayer with water. If there is not beautiful color to be seen I give a little help with a gas torch!”

Thank you Mr. Huet for permitting me to share.

Given my love for Wood Fired Pottery, learning all that entrails, combined with a soft request for urns… I stumbled on a potter online who uses this glaze on his cremation urn:

Reitz Blue (

  • Custer Feldspar 45.0
  • Whiting 20.0
  • EPK 13.0
  • Cornwall 22.0
  • Rutile 2.0
  • Red iron oxide 2.0Cobalt Carb 0.5

The color of the urn from his wood-fired kiln was striking!

Rinse, Wash, Repeat June 07, 2021

Its been 6 months 13 days since October 25, 2020, since my soulmate officially passed.

Its been 6 months 25 days since October 13, 2020 since soulmate technically passed.

Between October 13 and October 25 I saw “Bye” on three license plates.

Bye Bye Bye

This grieving process I am not running away from. I want my heart to heal and for that I need to feel.

The truth is I know my soulmate continues because I’ve seen it so.

So one of my goals is to cleanse my spirit of excess emotions (wash, rinse, repeat) by experiencing the grieving process as truly as I can.

At some point I know I will be able to pause and realize I’ve met the goal. I’ll realize I am authentically me and I’m experiencing my authentic self with feelings that are not excessive, and are only mine.

That is the gift. That is my act of honoring what was, what is, and what is to be.

I’ve had several past lifetimes where I didn’t process grief in a healthy manner. In these lifetimes I ignored the feelings and stuffed them out of sight in order to continue raising a family or because the pain is painful. So I thank our Heavenly Father, our Creator, for another chance for this soul to accomplish this little feat in this lifetime. And boy oh boy, what a gift, a priceless gift of multi-dimensional love that was offered and provided to me by my soulmate. Thank You! Huzzah!

I want my #heart to heal and for that I need to #feel. I’ve had several past lifetimes where I didn’t process #grief in a #healthy manner. This is my chance to do it!