Revisiting creates renewed Appreciation

Sometimes things “speak” to you, or call to you. Something may just catch your eye. These are special moments because somewhere in your heart or mind there’s a call to duty, perhaps more so a call to honor.  Honor that moment. Honoring those moments is honoring you because you are giving attention, mindfulness, energy, love to that part of you that said, “Hey, look at that!” 

Now you’re a pretty smart person and you  really don’t want to “waste time” on much of anything, you’ve got too much to do, see, be, etc. So when YOU call on YOU to take note of something then there is a very good chance that you will benefit in some way by taking note of it, by recognizing your valuable attention could be invested in a moment that could very well produce substantial ROI (return on investment). 

In other words by sending a little more attention to that thing that caught your eye or simply to that moment, you are allowing YOU to be rewarded with a treasure from universe, from your heart or soul’s intent. 

The experience is very akin to opening up a mysterious treasure that you KNOW benefits YOU, and sometimes others as well. Maybe you won’t “see” the treasure immediately but rest assured that the benefit, however big or small, becomes a part of you to access or utilize. 

So how did I come to relay this carat of wisdom?  The answer is its not unusual for me to become inspired or “tuned in” to the moment when I ALLOW my attention, energy, focus to follow what caught my eye.  Today as I was leaving to go to my day job I noticed one of my newly created coffee mugs on the photography table. 

Now, I had thought about this mug earlier today, at sometime during the night, perhaps in between dreams. So this morning I picked up the mug and brought it to work with me. Just doing that made me feel joy because I was honoring me, by honoring creation in the form of that mug.

While drinking my first cup of coffee at work I was observing the “drinkability” of the mug, from how it sat in my hand to weight and balance, to the feeling of the rim of the mug against my lips as I sipped my coffee.  Within a few moments I found myself in awe of creation of this mug on a level that was more than the sum of its parts. I was honoring me and my loved ones, and I was honoring Creation. 

A mug that I created earlier this year inspired me to thank Creation and to share with YOU one of the easiest ways to exercise Love. 

Thank you fancy-handled green and blue mug! 

Appreciation of Creation

The other day at my ‘9 to 5’ I found simple joy as I walked back to my office with my hand-crafted wood-fired wheel-thrown pottery coffee mug.

Simple. Joy.

I gazed at the hot coffee swirling around inside my mug. And I was happy to know I’d be soon drinking the coffee, as it cooled down a bit.

I marveled at the mug in my hand, admiring the handle, the curves, the tapering base, the strong bottom, and the slightly protruding rim that my lips contoured with every sip.

A smile was on my face as a co-worker came around the corner.

I was happy to share in that brief moment that I was simply enjoying my mug.

I was in appreciation of creation.

Here is a link to my current wood-fired series of pottery creations:


Storytelling, teaching the generations

One of the great majestic mysteries of creating something, even in pottery, is the impact of the result. The resulting feeling of seeing the final piece in your hand, can begin as awe, shock, delight, or even disappointment – however, in another moment, another day, and even in the hands of someone else that very same piece can bring forth another set of feelings, and when those feelings or impressions are shared then a whole new experience/feeling/appreciation is available to savor. 

This process is part of the heart-based experience, and is as equally important and necessary and cherished as the first moment of intent (e.g the moment the potter first asks, “What am I going to make?” as he or she then grabs a chunk of clay).

As I remember the process of creating this vase I can see myself at the wheel while being surrounded by other potters and artists sharing their lives, their energies, their loves.  I know that this vase, as small as it is, represents their stories, my story, perhaps a chapter of the bigger story, in every mark, line, location, and depth.  

The next wonder is where this little case will find a home, what functions will it serve, what new stories will it be able to create.  

Simply Beautiful

My first wood-firing pottery experience was and still is, simply beautiful on many levels.

First was the clay, the creation of pottery pieces that included mugs, a pitcher and a couple pots/vases. This process of course was fun, daunting, and so cool.

Then came the prepping of the pieces, which included using pig-iron glaze on a few pieces upon the suggestion of a veteran wood-fire potter. The experience, info, and creative ideas shared were like icing on a cake.Then came the packing of the pieces for transport to the wood fire kiln.  I savored every moment.

Next was the actual wood firing experience….  let’s just say that my mind was blown by the amount of hard work and dedication that was shared among the potters and volunteers, as well as by the generosity by the land owner allowing a huge wood fire kiln to be built on his land. I honor all those who had a hand in making dreams come true.

Now, as I gaze upon some of my finished pieces I feel all this and more, because the new dimension of seeing and holding the pieces have every bit of that love, respect, and joy.

Thank you.


Three out of approximately 20 wood-fired pieces created.

Heart-based Pottery Creations

I realize more and more how powerful our thoughts and intents are, each one of us has that power capacity. Creating pottery pieces – or anything for that matter – with a loving intent or while in a heart-based focus definitely enriches the final product in a very positive and sometimes unexpected fashion.

Recently I was creating some mugs for an upcoming wood-firing. I was totally in the heart-based mindfulness and was thoroughly enjoying the whole process – from holding a round ball of clay ready to place on the potter’s wheel all the way through the final touches of the mug’s surface. As I finished the fourth mug I noted that the creations were more than my expectations. I actually felt sprigs of joy that such a thing of beauty was created – more than my expectations.  At that point of course I rejoiced and shared the praise of the heart-based focus and all that is associated with that – because in that moment I was witness again to the amazing powers of loving creation. Wow.


I encourage you to take a moment’s thought, a moment’s intent and even simply think the word, “Love”. Maybe you’ll notice a lighter energy in that moment.   Why not – it’s free.  And the result(s) tend to be enriching..  and priceless.


Work Area is Cleaned

I’m happy to say that I cleaned my pottery work area / mini-studio. Giving the area my loving attention surely brought content smiles and more free flowing positive and renewed energy to the area.

They say “Healthy in the spirit is healthy in the mind, and visa versa”. I believe the same holds true with any system, macro or micro, internal or external. The relationships of the energy patterns remain, constantly changing albeit as slowly or as rapidly as the intent. Whoa, I’m getting a lil deep there eh? LOL  In any case, reflecting on my work area’s tidiness still brings a sense of accomplishment, contentment, and excitement as I look to sitting once again at the potter’s wheel – with my heart in my hands, so to speak.