Simply Beautiful

My first wood-firing pottery experience was and still is, simply beautiful on many levels.

First was the clay, the creation of pottery pieces that included mugs, a pitcher and a couple pots/vases. This process of course was fun, daunting, and so cool.

Then came the prepping of the pieces, which included using pig-iron glaze on a few pieces upon the suggestion of a veteran wood-fire potter. The experience, info, and creative ideas shared were like icing on a cake.Then came the packing of the pieces for transport to the wood fire kiln.  I savored every moment.

Next was the actual wood firing experience….  let’s just say that my mind was blown by the amount of hard work and dedication that was shared among the potters and volunteers, as well as by the generosity by the land owner allowing a huge wood fire kiln to be built on his land. I honor all those who had a hand in making dreams come true.

Now, as I gaze upon some of my finished pieces I feel all this and more, because the new dimension of seeing and holding the pieces have every bit of that love, respect, and joy.

Thank you.


Three out of approximately 20 wood-fired pieces created.

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