Cosmos, Pottery & Family Participation

First I want to share that I did attend the Iroquois Museum Art & Craft Fair – my 1st official show – and I had an incredible time and enjoyed the experience from start to finish.  Now it’s time to get back to the Potter’s Wheel to create more of what I love to create – a series I call my “Cosmic Series”.

INSPIRATION came big recently from who just posted an article that showed a MUSE spectrograph from the European Southern Observatory (ESO)… and the image is sooooo awesome!  Here is the image:


My Cosmic Series

My Cosmic series of pottery is pure joy to create because to me, the glazes result in a look that remind me of our universe, or perhaps even another universe.. who’s to say 😀

In my Cosmic Series Pottery I can see/sense life in the cosmos with the blues, blacks and whites dynamically playing/interacting in the field of creation, even creating patterns in the ‘space gas’

Here’s an example, can you see past the asteroid belt?


Tonight I head to the Clayscapes Pottery Studio & class to glaze my bisqued pieces – – – I wish you could join me as it’s great fun and lovely energy there.  Maybe I can take some studio photos tonight to show you the where the fun is.

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