Master Pottery Techniques in Less than a Year

That’s what I thought could happen, seriously, if I hunkered down, listened to what the Pottery Instructors were teaching, and within a year I would master some pottery techniques.  It’s nice to dream isn’t it! LOL

In actuality I quickly realized that my hands weren’t fashioning some beautiful art piece from the get-go. My fingers would wind up pushing too hard, not pushing hard enough, or I had too much water on my pieces or they were too dry, and this list could go on and on. And during this introductory period, while I realized that it was okay to get my fingernails dirty, and my smock all smeared up, I discovered brilliant moments of peace & serenity were to be had by simply working my hands with clay from Mother Earth. My little inner-child finally was coming out to play!

I worked the next several years to balance play, with learning the techniques, with doing. I am very happy to say that I haven’t mastered any techniques so far but I am definitely enjoying the journey.


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