Living Selling Journeys

Selling my pottery is second or third to the creation of my pieces. There’s a whole other world or two prior to a sale.

When I hold a clump of clay before placing it on a Potter’s Wheel I pause for several moments connecting to Mother Earth, giving gratitude and attuning to Love.

So when I attended my first “show” I relished in the experience, trying to learn and cherish every moment. It was odd at first but I truly enjoyed talking with people. People were going to and fro, on their way to this and that.. and in that process I got the beautiful opportunity to see their lovely faces, wonderful souls, and to marvel at their path. I wish everyone much success on their journey.

So fast forward to now… and because Etsy is celebrating their anniversary I took the chance of doing my first online sale. This time I won’t be able to see the lovely faces but I know every buyer will be given a prayer of love and success for their journey. Thank you #Etsy.

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