A Story Created & Updated

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More than 3 concepts hit my cerebellum when I saw this graphic, maybe you hit on these as well.. and maybe more (please feel free to share). Here’s the flow of information:

  1. Vivid green bowl.. cute!  And is that a tree branch, in gold inlay? Wow!   And then I read on…
  2. Oh History! of a piece of Japan’s culture, and their use of gold on broken pieces.  That’s cool to know, now I can look with updated eyes upon pottery once ‘broken’.
  3. Ahh! the beauty is enriched with an updated history or story.  Exactly and so well illustrated! Each of my handmade pottery pieces has a story – and sometimes when pieces don’t come out ‘as expected’ or ‘as hoped’.. it IS with updated eyes and updated heart that I see the pieces with their own unique & expanded beauty – and for this I am grateful, I am humbled, and I rejoin this marvelous mystery existence of life, love & creativity again.      When was the last time you reached this awareness?  Remember back… and consider illustrating the lesson learned, the message conveyed, and the spiritual growth you exercised via a graphic.  What image would you use, what words would you add?  Will you post on your social media too?

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