So… This semester I’m taking a ceramics class where the key words included Patriarchy, Parts and Pieces. I was asked to research and provide opinions on sculpture works from a few artists (Paul Soldner, Peter Voulkos and Chris Gustin). Okay, easy peasy.

But then I went to research “Patriarchy” and the first thing I did was google the term.

Image result for patriarchy

An example of a patriarchy society is where men hold the control and make all the rules and women stay home and care for the kids.

After looking at several pages and derivatives of “Patriarchy” I slowly realized that was  needed in ANY system, culture, creation, etc is …. b a l a n c e

Image result for balance

Without balance, some participants of patriarchy (and matriarchy) could overwhelm the systems that God created and then of course folks would need healing from that trauma and drama!

So, moving onward.  Knowing the focus of this class is Patriarchy and with the understanding that each gender has pros and cons, strengths and weakness I wanted to promote the strengths of Patriarchy.  I figure each gender needs support at one time or another.

So now I move on to the Parts and Pieces portion of the class agenda.  The task is to create about 8 clay items (wheel-thrown or hand-built) that are same/similar, using about 1 lb of Raku clay each. At first I was thinking, okay what is a strength the male gender (Patriarchy) thinks is necessary in life – and yes, I zip past those initial surface ideas of anatomy and I went towards the hunkier muscles (“pick things up put things down”).. well because I believe it’s true that the male form is typically adept at providing muscle to survival tasks, as well as of course, carrying heavy trash bags.

Now what can I create that lends the idea of muscle to a system? I wondered if a “bicep muscle” would communicate the strength & support I was looking for.

Bicep Augmentation Image

How would that look like to create in clay…

This is what it could look like (the non-gray areas):

Image result for bicep muscle

And I think I can do that!   Okay Bicep Muscle here I come!

Once I make 8 of these then each member of our class will combine one leather-hard piece from each students bounty to create a sculpture in line with Patriarch, Parts and Pieces – in line kinda with the 3 artists named above.

Stay tuned for progress notes and photos – this is going to be fun!



Here is a bicep!


…actually its on the bottom (the lined piece)

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