Flashing Slip

I’m talking about ceramics – specifically firing pottery in a wood-fired kiln… not ladies undergarments LOL..

My question was, “What type of ‘liquid clay’ (a.ka. Slip) can I decorate a b-mix wood pottery piece prior to being fired in a wood-fire kiln?”

So here is my note to self to research further, courtesy of the Ceramics Monthly magazine… and the title sounds soooo cool, “atmospheric recipes“.  I know I love my pieces to be ‘out there’, so….

… maybe that’s why the title of the article also resonated with me LOL

atmospheric recipes

Yes the next wood-firing is on my mind. My hope is to be further involved in this community love effort, and to add to the documentation of my experience!

Getting pieces ready ahead of the May deadline will help reduce stress and increase the LOVE of the whole event.



A great “how to” article, video and inspiration of nice slip is also available from www.oldforgecreations.co.uk/blog/drippy-slippy-mugs #oldforgecreations – check it out!

Drippy Slippy Stage 3

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