Pit Fire Passion

The passion potters possess pertaining to pit fire pottery is a hot topic! The more I work toward this direction the more excitement builds – tempered with the grounding mantra “it’s an experiment” of course.

Here is a great example of awesome pit fire work, found on Facebook, Guarnera Potter – be sure to check out his other pieces on Facebook!

Speaking of Combustables!


  • Banana peel. Orange-ish
  • Coffee grounds. Gray-ish, orange-ish
  • Copper carbonate and salt. Green, red and black
  • Copper, cobalt and iron sulphates. Blue and red colors
  • Copper wire. Most often black – if lucky red or green
  • Ferric chloride. Often used in splashes. Great tones from dark red to light pink
  • Sea weed. Colors depend totally on the type, the amount of salt in it etc.
  • Steel Wool (black patterns)
  • Many different kinds of other organic materials, nuts, leaves etc.

Great webpage and Pottery works: https://robertcomptonpottery.com/index.php/vermont-studio/firing-methods/pit-firing/

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